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Dreamfly Productions is a full service production company with extensive experience and leadership in the broadcast industry. Our services include film production, corporate videos, commercials, music videos, marketing and event production.


A Birder’s Guide to Everything, produced by Dreamfly Productions premiered this week in Dallas. The film marks the feature directorial debut of Rob Meyer, who wrote the film with Academy Award-winner Luke Matheny. Learn more about the film at

Click Here to Rent or buy it now through iTunes!


Dreamfly’s mission is to be a leader in the Texas entertainment industry while achieving the highest possible production quality and maintaining fiscal responsibility and artistic integrity. Dreamfly consistently produces cost efficient, quality entertainment because:

  • We prioritize ROI while maintaining creative and artistic integrity.
  • We understand this market niche and have proven success in this space.
  • We understand the marketing and distribution channels within the industry.
  • We adhere to our business and financial models.
  • We attract acclaimed, veteran talent to our projects, time and again.

Check out our demo reel and contact us to discuss your next video production, film or event project!